Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recreate the Look: Brights and Khakis

I have been in love with this look from J. Crew from the minute I saw it:

Here are some (slightly) cheaper options to recreate this look:

The shoes were kinda hard to find, but I did my best! I also included some nude flats and pumps if you aren't really into the whole ankle-clobbering shoe look. (Side note: wouldn't this outfit also look really cute with a black and white flower pin?!)

If you can afford to get the real deal (oh, how I wish I were you!), here's a link to the pants: New Cafe Capris
The only similar sweater I could find was the one I already linked (on sale!). Here's the shoes: Loxley Buckle Peep Toes. Personally, I think the shoes are a bit overcomplicated, but that's just my style :)

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